10 recommended tourist spots in Hokkaido




The capital city of Hokkaido, known for its vibrant festivals, skiing, and the Sapporo Beer Museum.


A charming coastal town famous for its historic canal, glassworks, and romantic atmosphere.

Furano and Biei

These neighboring towns are renowned for their breathtaking flower fields in summer and picturesque landscapes in winter.


A city with a mix of Western and Japanese influences, offering stunning night views from Mount Hakodate and delicious seafood.



Hokkaido’s most famous hot spring resort, boasting unique geothermal activity and soothing onsens (hot springs).

Shiretoko National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its untouched wilderness, diverse wildlife, and dramatic coastline.

Lake Toya

A tranquil caldera lake offering water activities, lakeside hot springs, and views of Mount Usu.



Gateway to Daisetsuzan National Park, Asahikawa Zoo, and the Asahiyama Zoo, famous for its innovative animal enclosures.


A world-class ski resort area with fantastic powder snow, attracting skiers and snowboarders from around the globe.

Lake Shikotsu

great for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, hot springs, and scenic drives.

In addition, Hokkaido boasts many other tourist spots

Daisetsuzan Asahidake

Please do visit the beautiful Hokkaido.

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