how to search for famous sightseeing spots in Japan

kamikochi (上高地)

Introducing how to search for famous sightseeing spots in Japan with the map application “japan tour map".

※This page uses google translation. note that.

Install “japan tour map"

First, install “Japan tour map"

Launch “japan tour map"


After installation, launch ”japan tour map" from your desktop.

How to search

search button

Press the search button.

Select a prefecture


There are 47 prefectures in Japan.
Select the prefecture.

Select a search target


There are the following search targets.

  • sightseeing spot
  • venue
  • hot spring
  • waterfall
  • visitor center (centre)
  • ski resort
  • wakasagi fising spot

Final decision


Please select the sightseeing spot destination you want to choose.

tokyo skytree
tokyo sky tree img
xegxefによるPixabayからの画像 Tokyo Sky Tree

Details of sightseeing spot attractions

For more information, please visit the kunimiyasoft official site.

Please come to Japan


Introducing tourist attractions centered on Japanese nature.

Please come to Japan.